Distributed Cloud Account Protection

Distributed Cloud Account Protection blocks fraud missed by existing tools, slashes friction for legitimate consumers by up to 90%, and reduces workloads for fraud teams.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence for Online Fraud Protection

Stop Human-Driven Fraud

Stop human-driven fraud

In Fortune 500 production environments, Distributed Cloud Account Protection identifies 2x fraud than current solutions, with low false positives.

  • Less Fraud with Real-Time Monitoring - Distributed Cloud Account Protection identifies 2x to 5x more fraud per month than current solutions.

Product Overview

Diagram illustrating Distributed Cloud Account Protection

A converged solution for application security and fraud mitigation

Powered by a closed-loop AI engine and large-scale unified telemetry built on over a billion transactions per day, Distributed Cloud Account Protection monitors transactions in real-time from across the entire user journey. Using advanced signal collection, as well as behavioral and environmental insights, the platform uniquely determines user intent, accurately detecting malicious activity and delivering high fraud detection rates. The platform’s AI engine provides a single, high-fidelity, real-time outcome while adaptive ML provides fast retraining and continuous enhanced detection.

JavaScript tag collects client signals and securely communicates with API service.

Core Capabilities

Detect and eliminate online fraud with a powerful AI solution powered by a real-time closed-loop engine that stops fraud before it happens.

Evaluates online transactions across a set of telemetry, environmental, and behavioral data in all aspects of the user’s journey. It can even connect context across different browsers and devices used by the same user to accurately determine user intent.

Feeds transaction data and enterprise fraud files into an AI engine, resulting in a single, high-fidelity, real-time outcome that delivers immediate fraud reduction and becomes even more effective as the engine consumes more data.

A closed-loop system that delivers fraud prevention outcomes, it maintains and tunes the solution, delivering real-time decisions and an ever-decreasing number of incidents for investigation, relieving fraud team burdens.

Platform Support and Integrations

Platform integrations

Existing BIG-IP customers can insert into their iApp configuration as first party script.