F5 Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management

Mitigate the potential security and fraud risks posed by aggregators, while harnessing the power of open banking to innovate and drive revenue growth.

Why Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management?

Attack prevention

Attack prevention

Block attacks from malicious actors posing as legitimate aggregators and prevent credential stuffing that could lead to account take over (ATO).

Product Overview

Diagram illustrating aggregator traffic

Securely enable customers to utilize financial aggregators while managing risk

Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management is a managed service that enables organizations to leverage the benefits of aggregators without the risk. Combining intelligence from a global network of known aggregators from the world’s top financial services firms and the power of our rules-assisted machine learning engine, high performance AI, and team of data scientists, we continually monitor aggregator traffic and take corrective actions to ensure aggregators adhere to agreed-upon usage policies.

Deploy as a part of our F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense in your data center.

Deploy as part of our F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense in our cloud.

Deploy as part of our F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense in a managed public cloud environment.

Core Capabilities

Labels all login attempts as human, automated, or aggregator

Detects when attackers are credential stuffing through an aggregator

Enforces adherence to access policies required by aggregator

Alerts FIs and aggregators when attacker frameworks have been detected


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