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FullProxy Delivers the Full Power of F5 Technologies

F5 partner FullProxy helps customers protect apps while maximizing their IT investments. The UK cybersecurity company’s deep technical knowledge ensures their customers worldwide can make the most of F5 products, protecting apps, reducing complexity, and solving multiple challenges with a single solution.

SEBRAE MT Secures Apps for Consultants Who Support 70K SMBs

In Brazil, SEBRAE MT provides F5-protected apps to consultants and small- and medium-sized organizations (SMBs) to support sustainable development.

Colorado Community College System Saves Time and Goes Cloud-Ready with One Technology and F5

Read how Colorado Community College System (CCCS) increased automation and ROI, going cloud-ready with F5 ingress control and OpenShift container orchestration.

Frasers Group Builds Brands and Its E-Commerce with F5

Frasers Group, the United Kingdom’s largest sports and lifestyle fashion retailer, annually earns a significant amount of revenue through its e-commerce platform. As its peak retail season approached, this leading retailer needed higher availability of its sites to handle increasing traffic. Even with a short turnaround time and supply chain constraints, F5 rSeries hardware delivered.

F5 Helps Atruvia Handle Massive Leap in Bank App Traffic

Read how F5 helped Atruvia successfully support a 12-fold increase in traffic for a dynamic new banking app in Germany.

AEON Credit India Secures Multi-Cloud Apps with Help from F5

Read how AEON Credit India improved app security plus operational scalability and performance by replacing its WAF with SaaS-based security from F5.

VegNonVeg Saves Sneakerheads from Harmful Bots with F5

India’s first premium sneaker retailer, VegNonVeg, stops massive bot traffic, protects its business, and improves the satisfaction of its “sneakerhead” customers with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense.

Bharti Airtel Delivers One Airtel Experience with a Simplified and Scalable Application Network Architecture

Bharti Airtel turns to F5 for speed, agility, and scalability as it works to build a world-class omnichannel experience for its telco customers.

F5 Global Services Gains Cloud Security Even a Dev Team Could Love

F5 Distributed Cloud Services protect the F5 partner website in the cloud while enabling greater automation, visibility, and more agile development processes.