F5 Flex Consumption Program


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Avoid Infrastructure Lock-in and Unnecessary Fees

Your business is moving faster than ever. You need to keep pace while reducing infrastructure lock-in and risk as you deploy apps in hybrid environments. By shifting how you buy F5 and NGINX solutions, you’ll gain more flexibility and value.

Benefits of the Flex Consumption Program

Self-license F5 products on demand with benefits that go beyond saving on initial upfront costs.


Multiple environments

Easily deploy and shift F5 security and application delivery solutions across clouds—where and when you want.


Flexibility to scale

Take advantage of self-service licensing to align capacity with your business needs.


Single agreement

Sign one agreement and gain access to all F5 offerings in the Flex Consumption Program portfolio.


Great value

Get peace of mind with annual budget protection, more predictability, and lower upfront capital costs, while preventing retroactive billing.


Simple to deploy

Gain agility with automated deployments and self-service provisioning, without any procurement overhead.


Architectural flexibility

Easily move from one product or service to another as business needs change.

F5 Flex Consumption Program at a Glance

Enjoy the stability and predictability of a three-year annual spending commitment, adjusted annually based on actual usage. The F5 Flex Consumption Program includes premium support and software upgrades—with activity reporting for visibility and compliance.




  • iSeries (select models)
  • VIPRION (select models)
  • rSeries (select models)

SaaS and Managed Services

  • Web App and API Protection (WAAP)
  • Multi-Cloud Networking
  • App Delivery Network
  • Additional services: DNS and CDN

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