F5 BIG-IP iSeries Platform

BIG-IP iSeries appliances accelerate app delivery in regulated environments with quick and easy programmability, multi-vendor service orchestration, software-defined hardware and line-rate performance.

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Advanced BIG-IP Application Delivery and Security Services

Intelligent local and global traffic management: BIG-IP LTM and BIG-IP DNS

Advanced application and API protection: BIG-IP Advanced WAF

BIG-IP Advanced WAF redefines application security to address the most prevalent threats facing organizations today, including automated bot attacks that overwhelm existing security solutions, web attacks that steal credentials and gain unauthorized access to user accounts, and app-layer attacks that evade static security based on reputation and manual signatures.

  • Proactive Bot Defense - Protect apps from automated attacks from bots and other malicious tools.
  • App-layer (L7) DoS - Leverage behavioral analytics and machine learning to detect and mitigate L7 DoS attacks before they impact your apps.
  • API Protection - Deploy tools that provide comprehensive security for REST/JSON, XML, and GWT APIs.

Infrastructure and DDoS protection: BIG-IP AFM

BIG-IP AFM is a high-performance, full-proxy network security solution designed to protect networks and data centers from aggressive DDoS and protocol attacks before they overwhelm and degrade services.

  • Network Protection - Identify and mitigate network, protocol, and DNS threats before they reach critical resources.
  • DDoS Mitigation - Thwart volumetric DDoS attacks before they impact users’ ability to interact with applications.
  • High-Volume Logging Controls - Support SNMP, SIP, DNS and IPFIX collectors, while protecting log servers from being overwhelmed.

Product Overview

The BIG-IP iSeries platform combines software and hardware innovations that balance the need for performance, scalability, and security. iSeries delivers unrivalled software-defined hardware performance, fast and easy programmability, and ecosystem-friendly orchestration. IT teams can offload SSL processing and deploy comprehensive application delivery and security services across data center and colocation infrastructure.

F5 TurboFlex optimization technology offloads specialized functions from the general CPU, resulting in up to 2x the price/performance of leading competitors.

Innovations in the BIG-IP iSeries platform balance performance, scalability and security, enabling you to implement security services such as WAF, network firewall, firewalling and application access controls to protect your environment.

BIG-IP iSeries is FIPS and Common Criteria certified, enabling you to comply with regulatory requirements and get the best protection for all of your application environments.

Reduce your total cost of ownership and infrastructure footprint by consolidating app delivery and security services on to a unified, high-performance platform.

Core Capabilities

Reduce time-to-market with a simple, out-of-the-box native integration with leading private cloud, interconnects and container environments.

Comply with industry regulations and mitigate targeting every level of your application stack, with best-in-class app and network security.

Ensure critical infrastructure is built on reliable, carrier-grade hardware with redundant power supplies and hot-swappable components.

Optimize hardware acceleration and intelligent performance where it matters.

Turboflex technology empowers you to optimize performance for specific functions, including L4 offload, DoS protection, and allow/deny-listing.

Offload costly SSL/TLS processing and speed while improving key exchange and bulk encryption.

F5 Virtual Clustered Microprocessing (vCMP) technology allows multiple BIG-IP guest tenants to run on a single system with dedicated resources, including CPU and memory.

Centrally manage and gain visibility into your iSeries fleet as well as other physical and virtual BIG-IP devices with BIG-IQ Centralized Management.

The BIG-IP iSeries Catalog

The F5 BIG-IP iSeries platform features programmable cloud-ready ADC appliances with unrivaled Layer 4 and Layer 7 throughput and connection rates. To support regulatory compliance, the BIG-IP iSeries of appliances has earned NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL 4+) certification. The hardware-accelerated support for ECC ciphers provides a cost-effective way to ensure privacy for any-size enterprise.

BIG-IP i15000 series / 2RU

The BIG-IP i15000 series delivers high-end performance for security and services in a 2 RU form factor. With 300M L4 concurrent connections, the i15x00 enables the consolidation of multiple services on a single device, including TCP/IP optimization, traffic steering, firewall, DDoS, CGNAT, DNS, and delivering up to:

  • L7 requests per second: 10M
  • L4 connections per second: 4.2M
  • L4 HTTP requests per second: 35M
  • Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 300M
  • Throughput: 320 Gbps/160 Gbps (L4/L7)

BIG-IP i11000 series / 1RU

The BIG-IP i11000 series of high-performance ADC appliances include dedicated crypto-hardware to enable SSL offloading and hardware-based support for elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) ciphers. The i11800 appliances offer the highest L7 request-per-sec performance in a 1RU form factor, delivering up to:

  • L7 requests per second: 5.5M
  • L4 connections per second: 2.1M
  • L4 HTTP requests per second: 25M
  • Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 140M
  • Throughput: 160 Gbps/80 Gbps (L4/L7)

BIG-IP i10000 series / 1RU

The BIG-IP i10000 series of ADC appliances offer high performance and availability, featuring dedicated crypto-hardware for SSL offload and hardware-based support for elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) ciphers, and delivering up to:

  • L7 requests per second: 3.5M
  • L4 connections per second: 1.5M
  • L4 HTTP requests per second: 22M
  • Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 100M
  • Throughput: 160 Gbps/80 Gbps (L4/L7)

BIG-IP i7000 series

The BIG-IP i7000 series of mid-to-high-performance ADC appliances deliver up to:

  • L7 requests per second: 3M 
  • L4 connections per second: 1.1M 
  • L4 HTTP requests per second: 14M 
  • Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 80M 
  • Throughput: 80 Gbps/40 Gbps (L4/L7)

BIG-IP i5000 series

The BIG-IP i5000 series offer best-in-class performance for advanced mid-range ADC appliances, delivering up to:

  • L7 requests per second: 1.8M 
  • L4 connections per second: 800K 
  • L4 HTTP requests per second: 12M 
  • Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 40M 
  • Throughput: 60 Gbps/35 Gbps (L4/L7)

BIG-IP i4000 series

The mid-range BIG-IP i4000 series of ADC appliances offer exceptional performance that meets most small-to-medium-sized enterprise application and security service requirements, delivering up to:

  • L7 requests per second: 1.1M 
  • L4 connections per second: 450K 
  • L4 HTTP requests per second: 2M 
  • Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 28M 
  • Throughput: 20 Gbps (L4/L7)

BIG-IP i2000 series

The entry-level BIG-IP i2000 series of high-performance ADC appliances provides small-to-medium sized enterprises with integrated application delivery and security services, delivering up to:

  • L7 requests per second: 650K 
  • L4 connections per second: 250K 
  • L4 HTTP requests per second: 1M 
  • Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 14M 
  • Throughput: 10 Gbps (L4/L7)