F5 Distributed Cloud DDoS Mitigation

Cloud-delivered DDoS mitigation that detects and mitigates attacks before they reach your network infrastructure and applications.

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Why Effective DDoS Mitigation Is Critical

Product Overview

Diagram illustrating F5 Distributed Cloud DDoS Mitigation

Provide controls to defeat targeted network- and application-layer attacks

Distributed Cloud DDoS Mitigation provides real-time, cloud-delivered mitigation and protects against volumetric and application-specific attacks. Backed by the F5 Global Network infrastructure, security tools and F5 Security Operations Center (SOC) to withstand multi-terabit attacks and meet service SLAs with rapid response times.

The Always Available subscription is pre-configured for your systems, runs on standby, and can be initiated when under attack.

The Always On subscription is configured to continuously route and process your traffic on the F5 Distributed Cloud platform, allowing only legitimate traffic to reach your apps.

Core Capabilities

Delivering high-capacity, multi-layered global DDoS protection worldwide, identifying and filtering layer 3-4 and advanced layer 7 attacks closer to the attack source via a scrubbing infrastructure that is designed to handle today’s largest and most complex DDoS attacks.

Attack mitigation with multi-terabit ingest capacity—scrubs network level and signature-based attacks (TCP, SYN, teardrop, smurf, etc.)

Mitigate application attacks by preventing bad actors from consuming critical resources that degrade app performance with HTTP floods, slowloris attacks, etc.​

Recognizes and stops DNS floods, reflection and amplification attacks.

Deploy and manage certain elements on your own, or use our managed service for deployment, maintenance, and 24x7 support by certified F5 experts in our SOC, offering 99.99% uptime SLAs.

Transparent attack mitigation visibility and reporting before, during, and after an attack via a centralized console.

Platform Support and Integrations

Broad platform and cloud provider support

Distributed Cloud Services can be delivered to apps running on any platform, on any public/private cloud. Connect and secure apps running in VMs, containers, bare metal, or serverless.

Service discovery and service mesh integrations

Supports multiple service discovery protocols simultaneously. Consul, Kubernetes, and DNS work out of the box. Istio or Linkerd service mesh can integrate with a Distributed Cloud Services ingress/egress gateway.

Automation, alerting, and SIEM integration

F5’s native Terraform provider, vesctl CLI tool, and public APIs deliver to the automation needs of app teams. Support for tools like Opsgenie or Slack for alerting, and Splunk or Datadog for SIEM, simplify life for DevOps and SecOps teams.



F5 Distributed Cloud DDoS Mitigation is a managed, SaaS-delivered service that will detect and mitigate large-scale, volumetric network and application targeted attacks in real-time to defend your businesses and your customers against multi-vector, denial of service activity that may potentially exceed hundreds of gigabits per second in attack traffic.