BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator

Maximize infrastructure and security investments with dynamic, policy-based decryption, encryption, and traffic steering through security inspection devices.

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What You Can’t See Can Still Hurt You

Intelligently Manage Encrypted Traffic

Intelligently manage encrypted traffic

You need orchestration to be on top of your security game. Visibility into and inspection of SSL/TLS traffic is a start, but it only scratches the surface. Daisy-chaining or manually configuring security solutions to support inspection across your security stack’s not scalable and ineffective. BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator intelligently manages the decrypted traffic flow across your entire security stack.

  • Centralize Control - Unify decryption across multiple inspection devices to stop unsupported cipher use, fake SSL/TLS connections, and infrastructure complexity.
  • Policy-Based Steering - Group, monitor, and steer traffic with a flexible context engine—regardless of network topology, protocol, and cipher.
  • Dynamic Service Chaining - Create dynamic, logical security service chains with existing security solutions based on the type of incoming traffic, ensuring optimal security and availability.



Simplify security change management

The time involved in swapping out, upgrading, or changing a solution in your security stack increases your operational and business costs—and can be dangerous. Daisy-chained security stacks can lead to lengthy delays in making security changes that your business needs now. BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator delivers dynamic security orchestration that drives security changes at the speed of your business.

  • Orchestrate Security Stack - Shorten time-consuming security change management processes, simplifying solution changes and mitigating any detrimental impacts.
  • Mitigate Unintentional Traffic Bypass - Efficiently address security service changes and insertions, seamlessly transferring decrypted traffic for inspection—without interrupting traffic flow.
  • Reduce Administrative Cost and Time - Intelligently manage traffic decryption, inspection, and re-encryption across your security chain, utilizing existing and new security resources.

Product Overview

Diagram illustrating F5’s Aspen Service Mesh

F5 dynamic traffic steering

BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator enhances SSL/TLS infrastructure, makes encrypted traffic visible to security solutions, and optimizes existing security investments. It delivers dynamic service chaining and policy-based traffic steering—applying context-based intelligence to encrypted traffic handling to intelligently manage the flow of encrypted traffic across the security stack—and ensures optimal availability and security.

Deploy high-performance hardware in your on-premises data center or collocation facility.

Deploy on any hypervisor within your data center, collocation facility, or in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Core Capabilities

If you’re not inspecting SSL/TLS traffic, you’ll miss attacks and leave your organization vulnerable. BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator provides robust decryption/re-encryption and orchestration of encrypted traffic.

Provides SSL/TLS decryption and encryption, strong cipher support, and flexible deployment.

Provides service insertion, service resiliency, service monitoring, and load balancing.

Supports geolocation, IP reputation, URL categorization, and third-party ICAP integration.

Header changes, support for port translation, and control over ciphers and protocols.

Supports inline layer 3, inline layer 2, ICAP services, and receive-only modes.

Standalone, cluster, and separate ingress/egress tiers.

Intercepts and inspects traffic without requiring any special client configuration.

Scales with high availability, F5’s best-in-class load balancing, health monitoring, and SSL/TLS offload capabilities.

Platform Support and Integrations

Partner security tools integrations

While BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator is vendor and product agnostic, it’s optimized to easily integrate with the world’s leading security devices to create a powerhouse solution that’s ready to tackle any of your encrypted threat challenges. 

Cloud support

At F5, we deliver broad, integrated support across cloud platforms to enable you to secure and deploy every app, anywhere—whatever your cloud journey looks like.